The Entrepreneur Awards Japan 2015 (TEAJ)


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The Entrepreneur Mentoring Initiative (EMI) is all about collaboration. By bringing experienced entrepreneurs together with men and women who aspire to join their ranks, a community that thrives on innovation and knowledge sharing is being enhanced. EMI is a network that was started by various members of the business community in Japan who see the value in offering a helping hand to the next generation of business leaders. Now in its fifth year, EMI has established a parallel network of alumni in many fields of business.

In order to recognize individuals with the courage to take the risk of establishing their own businesses and testing their own innovation, we are pleased to announce The (fifth annual) Entrepreneur Awards in Japan (TEAJ) for 2015.TEAJ is an annual awards event that recognizes entrepreneurs from the Japanese and foreign business communities in Japan.

This year, awards will again be offered to successful entrepreneurs in their chosen field of business. The awards are:

1. Embassy of Sweden Award - for an entrepreneur based in Japan

2. Swedish Chamber of Commerce Award - for an entrepreneur whose business has international content or aspiration

3. Groundbreakers Award - for a female entrepreneur based in Japan

4. Venture Generation Award - for an entrepreneur with an early-stage venture

5. U.S. Business Award - for an entrepreneur who best represents the risk-embracing spirit of Silicon Valley

6. Creative Business Cup Award - for an entrepreneur engaged in a creative business


In addition, each Award winner will be accepted as a Mentee for the Entrepreneurship Mentoring Initiative (EMI) for 2015 and will be assigned a Mentor from within the Tokyo business community.